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Let’s work together! I can help you with:

  • proofreading (rates from 0.02 USD | ₦4 per word)
  • editing (rates from 0.03 USD | ₦6 per word)
  • ebook layout and design, including for Kindle (please complete form below in order to allow calculation of your investment)

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I’ve been honoured to help some folks clean up their copy and edit their work so that it shines. Here’s what they have to say about my work:

I was really impressed with Jummy’s copy editing services she provided for a sales page I wrote. She organised it in such a way that it was more appealing and the message was clearer. I have gotten sales via my sales page! If you are looking for a copy editor for your sales page or ebooks, Jummy is the one you need.

—Detola Amure,

Writing your next e-book or paperback? Get this girl NOW!

If you need an someone with strong writing skills who understands what makes people buy books, look no further. Before Jummy, I thought I had it all together. I was confident that I had a foolproof book and a message to get sales and raving fans.

Hiring Jummy for my ebook was the best business decision I’ve ever made with regards to my writing.

Not only did she catch sneaky misspellings, she improved my flow of ideas and connected them to the whole picture in a logical manner. I was able to resolve several conflicting statements and ensure consistency throughout, and I feel much more clearer about my message and its intended result.

Jummy is a great communicator, courteous, fast, skilled, and goes the extra mile to make sure you come up with a publishable book…because your words create the first impression of your value to others!

—Margaret Olatunbosun,

Jumoke Fasoyinu is my number one go-to for all of my editing needs. From website content and blog posts to social media updates, her precise edits and proofreading always ensure my work is professionally prepared for publication. She has an amazing eye for detail, a terrific professional ethic, and great editorial instincts. She does more than revise text; she helps you discover what you’re really trying to say and helps you do so in the most concise and effective way with your readers in mind. She is extremely thorough and professional and gives me the quick turnaround time I often need. Jumoke is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her for all of your editorial needs.

—Wendy Clarence,

I use Jummy’s editing and proofreading services for everything. And I mean everything! As a web designer and a writer, I will read my copy and as with most people, my eyes might glaze over and miss my mistakes because I’ve read it over and over again. Jummy will catch these errors. Over and over again. Not to mention that she will suggest changes that fit completely with the sound and the vision of my document. As I said before, I use Jummy’s editing and proofreading services for everything. You should too!

—Ruthie Unaegbu,

Jumoke – your sentences flow like butter. Truly, you said exactly what I meant. Thanks again! I have been toiling with this paragraph for weeks!

—Malgosia Mosielski,