Thankful: September 2019

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We’ve reached the last day of September and that’s when I like to reflect on what I’m thankful to God for over the past month.

My brother-in-law celebrated his birthday and I thank God for protecting him and his family (aka my sister and the nephews and niece who I’m obsessed with!) since he’s been in Canada. My bro-in-law appears to have adjusted well to Canada and to the pace of life, which is good, since not everyone has an easy time adjusting to living in a new country.

I increased my physical activity this month by starting weekly Zumba classes and swimming lessons. Being active when you’re not normally so isn’t easy, and I have a separate post coming up about swimming, but I’m thankful that I have the ability to move my body in a way that feels good to me. This year, my employer started paying a portion of fees related to physical fitness, which is an added incentive to do get active, and also something to be thankful for .

I had a photo shoot this month and if you remember my previous photo shoot, you have reason to be nervous! Well, thank God, this experience went smoothly, even though I was nervous. It was a beautiful day and the photographer was calm and relaxed (she said upfront that she wasn’t in a rush, which was nice (and rare) to hear!). She was committed to the session in a way that I appreciated because that’s how I am when I’m offering services.

I’m thankful for my ongoing growth in our marriage. I’m getting better at managing myself (the only person that I have control of, apparently!) which minimizes the stress and disagreements (or at least helps us to get back on track more quickly!). I mentioned a marriage-related thankful point last month, and I hope that I’ll always find some aspect of growth to be thankful for each month. I’m more understanding now if I hear that someone has had to make tough decisions about their marriage because I now know how difficult (some) marriages can be. It’s fun to post the good times on social media, but I never want to portray that it’s all good times. I’m not a pessimist, but I believe being real is more helpful to people looking on than only sharing the perfect moments. When people who are struggling in their marriage only see images of perfect marriages around them, it can give them a complex and make them wonder why they’re so flawed and why they can’t make things work. Nigerian culture urges us to be discreet about the happenings in our lives, mostly so that others can’t use it against us (please correct me if I’m wrong), and I get that…to a point. Sometimes we go too far and can’t help people who are crying out for help because we’ve pretended that we don’t experience the same things.

I started a business mastermind almost four years ago, and my role has been that of facilitator: I love helping others, but I have an unfortunate tendency to be inconsistent when I’m doing something “only” for myself. As a result, over these almost four years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my fellow masterminders start great things and make real progress, while I’ve been more or less stagnant. I’m thankful for my fellow masterminders’ accomplishments (they inspire me!) and for the fact that we still meet. Even though my lack of progress is disappointing and frustrating, I’m working through my mental blocks, and it has been nice to have supportive people around.

A colleague brought me some succulent leaves from a plant that first entered my radar several years ago. I never mentioned it to her; she acquired the plant and thought of me and here we are! I hope the leaves grow beautifully!

I’m thankful for my parents and the individual relationship that I have with each of them. I’m fortunate to see them almost every week, to have the opportunity to vent to them, learn from them (especially since I’ve married), and also to be showered with my parents’ love and affection. What a blessing!

Finally, I’m thankful for Sayo. Adjustments to marriage aside, the day-to-day aspects of my life are better with him in my life. He takes care of me and he does many things that I don’t enjoy doing, and better, he acts like they’re no big deal. He does the same for my parents; he’s a great son-in-law. Thank you, God!

What are you thankful for?

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    • Well said! A friend did share with me that some people come online to escape reality and I understand that to a point but I guess they’ll soon realize that my blog is not a place to escape reality.

      Thank you for commenting, Taynement!

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