Thankful: October 2019

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I’m writing this blog post in November and I’m currently full of thanks for God’s protection of me. Life is fragile, but it’s a good thing that we aren’t constantly thinking of that, otherwise we would be very anxious humans! Instead, once a in while, we’re reminded of our fragility and that we should be thankful as a result—God, I thank You.

The big-little city that I live in finally got a subways system that went live in early October. I know this is a huge accomplishment for a city and I was excited until I had to start using it. The system is limited right now and I spent a lot of October complaining about it. Every day that I went to work was automatically ruined because I knew the subway would make up part of my commute. I haven’t quite made peace with the changes that were forced upon us but I’m thanking God in advance for what I hope will be a changed attitude in me because there are more important things than public transportation that should be occupying my mind—sheesh!

I can’t recall if I shared the story of a gift credit card that I received last year; the card expired before I used it. After a lot of back-and-forth, I was able to get a replacement card and guess what? It expired in October. For months, I had been holding on to the card “for something special”, meanwhile using my hard-earned cash to buy food and load my Starbucks account. Thank God something clicked in my head and I was able to use the credit card for both a purchase and to boost my Starbucks account, all before card expired!

In October, we celebrated my sweet niece’s third birthday. This girl is a gem; she has been wiser than her years from birth. Sayo has seen her more than I have lately and he always has a niece story to share (and I love hearing them!). May God continue to bless and protect this sweet girl all the days of her life—Amen!

The elder of my two younger brothers celebrated another year of life last week and I thank God for keeping him. Why do I feel like his 30s are going a lot more slowly than mine did? Anyway, no problem; as long as he enjoys himself. My brother has plans and I pray that all his plans would be blessed by God but more importantly, that God would give him better plans for his life as needed. I see so much potential in him and I hope that my bro will one day see what I see, and more (and with this sentence I have officially become my father!)

I’m thankful for this month’s client work opportunities through Elevate My Writing (EMW). They were great learning experiences (it showed me, for one, that my Instagram strategy is working!) and the direct client interactions will make me an even better copy editor. On Instagram, I shared the fear that can come up when I’m delivering a completed project to a client. This is part of caring about what you do and it’s not necessarily a bad thing! I’m praying to end 2019 on a profitable note with EMW!

These are the thankful points that came to mind for me; what are you thankful for?

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  1. That my little guy had a wonderful first year! He’s eating solids now and isn’t all that picky. I know that things can change, especially when they start school, so I should just enjoy it for now. He can’t talk just yet and is just beginning to walk with support, but he’s for the most part, where he should be. We’ve been looking at preschool programs for him, including a couple of Montessori schools which can take him as early as late spring. However, we prefer that he start next September, at the earliest. Preschool searching really has to start early – I actually have his name on wait lists for two other places for September 2021. The application process for these schools can be long and siblings sometimes have priority (it isn’t fair, but it’s also not surprising). There’s a lot more work for kids these days, especially if you want them in certain schools.

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