Thankful: May 2015

Another month is overrrrr, my friends! I hope it was a good one for you. As I mentioned in the combined monthly newsletter for March and April (if you didn’t get it, what are you waiting for—sign up!) sent last week (hides face), the past two months have been lazy for me. I finished off the month on a more productive note by sorting through the clothing that had littered my bedroom floor for longer than I care to admit.

No month would be complete around here without a review of the things I’m thankful for so here we go!

  1. We celebrated Mother’s Day earlier this month and I’m thankful for the incredible woman that I get to call mom. She’s caring and she always has our best interests at heart. The funny thing is even when we do things she doesn’t approve of, she still tries to support us.
  2. I’m thankful for answered prayers: when we’re praying for something, it seems so urgent at the time, like the world will end if we don’t get the answer we want, but when we get the answer, we can sometimes forget to be as grateful as we were once desperate for an answer, often because we’re too busy focusing on to our next prayer request! My mom, sister and I had plantar fasciitis, a specific type of foot pain also known as jogger’s heel (not that I got it from jogging, har har!). The pain is worst when you first wake up in the morning. I realized two weekends ago that none of us have mentioned the pain in a while, so I checked with my two favourite women and discovered that none of us have it anymore—yay!
  3. Almost a year ago, the hot water tank for my house started misbehaving: I would get hot water for my showers for three or four days, then it would be ice cold for the next three or four days! I can handle that when I’m in Nigeria but not in this climate! I called a serviceman to look at it and he said I had to replace something, but I didn’t because I was annoyed that I had to do repairs on a fairly new home and my neighbours weren’t having the problem, which made me feel like my hot water tank was shoddily installed. Add to that, I live alone and my hot water use is minimal compared to most—I wasn’t happy! My house only has two bedrooms, but each one has a full bathroom so I started using the other bathroom. Mind you, this other bathroom was having the exact same problem: when my shower would turn ice-cold in the main bathroom, I’d run to the other shower only to get the same. But now, for a full three weeks, the water has been hot, gloriously hot! (not that I shower in hot water, I prefer the cooler side of warm.) I don’t recall even praying about this but I’m thankful that it has been fixed.
  4. I’m thankful for the safe arrival of my two brothers in Europe for their trip and I’m trusting God for their safe trip back home. My youngest brother managed a feat the rest of us have yet to in the past 21 years: he visited our Uncle in Italy before meeting up with my other brother, who’s taking a shorter trip. We spoke with my uncle and he was so happy to see my brother again (my brother was six years old when my uncle last saw him), and was impressed by how friendly he was. The kid is the best ambassador of our family: he’s so easygoing and low-key.
  5. That same baby brother celebrated his birthday in Europe earlier this week! I’m thankful for his life and his personality—I can’t imagine our family without him.
  6. A number of years ago, I failed to file my taxes for two consecutive years—I moved into my home in the middle of tax season which was my excuse for the first year, but I don’t know why I didn’t file for the following year. When you procrastinate on something like taxes, it’s common to get fearful about the consequences of your actions, and that can cause you to procrastinate even more which was my situation. I was worried that by now I could owe a lot of money to the government, and have to pay interest on top of that. With some gentle nudging from my dad I decided to free myself of this worry a couple of months ago by just filing the taxes already and facing the music, and last week I received a nice refund—praise God!! I’ve been diligent in filing my taxes for the past five years so this will not happen again!

What are you thankful for?

4 thoughts on “Thankful: May 2015

  1. Happy new month! And thank God especially for your journey mercies and the healing of the foot pain!

    Me I am thankful for my health, my happiness, family (including T and his family) and my wonderful friends.

    I went to visit T’s family in May, as usual without him, and I again had an amazing time especially with his mum. Everyone finds it strange that I visit them alone, but it’s because his mum and I are friends, real life paddies…we are so so similar. I realise that not everyone has this kind of relationship with their mother-in-law, and I am extremely thankful. I’m also thankful that my mum took meeting T’s family seriously enough to take time out and pray about it. I’m convinced that’s why things are so rosy. So yeah also thankful for my amazing mummy!

    • Happy new month, Clara!

      My brothers arrived back in Canada without incident so my thankfulness for their journey mercies continues!

      Aww, so glad that things are going well with T and his family—it’s so nice that you feel comfortable visiting them without him, and from what I’ve heard lovely in-laws are kind of…I won’t say rare but I know a few people who don’t have much of a relationship with their in-laws despite being married for many years. I’m glad that your mom is praying about your relationship…keep us updated on developments in that area, won’t you? ;)

  2. Hi, Jummy! Long time no talk. I’ve been spending less time on the internet the past few years, but I still catch up on your blog occasionally, and this post about your hot water tank has really inspired me to comment (lol) and say hi again!

    I was just wondering if your hot water tank is owned or rented? It’s pretty rare that you get an owned tank in a new house in Ottawa, and if it’s a rental, the rental company should be doing the repair for you and/or replacing the tank for free. If it is rented, the charge and the rental company name usually appears on either your natural gas bill or your hydro bill.

    Hot water tanks tend to get faulty as they approach 10 years of age, so your tank – whether owned or rented – is probably starting to reach the end of its maintenance-free life. Your neighbours will have problems too, eventually, you just got the luck of the draw with a unit that requires servicing earlier. If it’s an installation problem, the rental company should take care of that too since they were the ones who installed it.

    Hope this helps! And thank you for writing these thankful posts, as they inspire me to be more thankful about things in my own life.

    • Hi Lisa! It’s great to hear from you and I hope all is well with you.

      I can always count on you to give me practical home-related advice. I checked my Enbridge bill and I do indeed have a rental hot water tank through Direct Energy. When I called them initially, they sent someone to look at the tank and they said the tank was fine but I had a faulty valve that wasn’t covered by them and that I should sign up for a $10/month plan so that in the future it would be covered. I was miffed that no one else was having the same problem and given my minimal water use in comparison to my neighbours I didn’t think my valve should have acted up! Basically, I was being bratty and entitled. Thankfully things seem ok now—I don’t know how it could be but now I’m wondering if there’s a connection between the weather and this valve acting up.

      I’m glad the thankful posts inspire you to think of the good things in life—have a great summer!

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