Thankful: January 2014

The first month of 2014 is drawing to an end you know what? I’m glad I’m still here! We are not guaranteed another breath so when we get to breathe and continue living, we have to appreciate it. I thank God!

  1. I’m glad that an event for the Nigerian Blog Awards that had been in the works for months finally took place earlier this month. What a relief! Even though there are still elements to sort out, the hard part is behind me.
  2. I had my annual doctor’s appointment last week and I thank God that things are okay. There’s room for improvement but I have a clean bill of health. The doctor is wonderful (I’d break my own rules and propose to him if he wasn’t already married with three children). He’s kind, warm, and he really listens (excellent bedside manner, and the only beside manner I’ll be getting from him, hehe!). I’ve only been seeing (hehe) him for a year, while my parents have been his patients for much longer. During our first meeting he told me how great my parents are and how he knows my siblings and I were raised well. Anyone who loves my parents is a smart person!
  3. Heated cars, homes, and buildings are things that I’m so thankful for this time of the year. At work we have ice on the inside of our windows but the heat of the building melts the ice so then we have puddles of water (lol). I can deal with puddles but I can’t deal with freezing to death!
  4. I’m really thankful for hope. I won’t lie, the two middle weeks of January weren’t great for my heart: I felt weepy, discouraged, I wrote this post, and I allowed myself to get overwhelmed with the waiting process. But hope is a wonderful gift, because for me it brought perspective: thinking over the many blessings in my life, reminding myself of the blessings that’ll come from the waiting period, and listening to some Joyce Meyer positively impacted my attitude.
  5. Speaking of Joyce Meyer, thank God for her! A few of my Facebook friend share her quotes and I find myself liking each one. Now I’ve discovered her podcasts in a big way and they are life-changing! But I have a problem: I listen to them, I’m all pumped then 30 minutes later I’m behaving in my sinful ways once again! I wish there was a audio version of the intravenous drip—that’s what I need. I really enjoyed her Power of Contentment series (check out the video of part one and part two)—some days I’ve listened to it twice!

Did anyone catch The Bachelor wedding of Sean and Catherine this past Sunday? I used to watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette devotedly; I didn’t watch this particular couple’s show but I was glad I caught the wedding (better than the Grammys, I say!). The couple seems so in love: the groom is a born again Christian, she got baptized in his church, and they decided not to consummate their relationship until after marriage—something that isn’t easy to do nowadays. The couple was adorable—you could tell they were both so excited to be getting married and I ate up that giddiness. He teared up watching her walk toward him (too sweet—gets me every time!), then totally did more than just tear up after the wedding ceremony, as if the enormity of being husband and wife, finally, hit him. And they were clearly also looking forward to their wedding night, which I thought was cute and real. I know, I’m totally gushing. I’ll always be the girl who gushes over such things and you know what? I’m ok with that!

What were you (or are you) thankful for in this first month of 2014?

15 thoughts on “Thankful: January 2014

  1. I stuck with Downton on Sunday. I haven’t watched Bachelor/Bachelorette since Andy’s season, which was years ago! I guess good for him and and his now-wife for sticking to religious morals (sorry, most born-again Christians make me very uncomfortable – especially Kirk Cameron types – when it comes to the role of women and equal marriage). As for my first month, I’m thankful that I had the chance to slow down a bit and relax (because the lifestyle world is a bit slower in January) before things pick up again in February (New York Fashion Week starts next Thursday. I’ll be, as usual, covering remotely from the comfort of my computer).

    Interesting that I saw this today as it is is New Year’s Eve on the Chinese/Lunar calendar (January 31). I have to say that despite the ups and downs of my family over the past year (my maternal grandparents died within three months of each other), I am very thankful for a happy marriage, home and family. I am hoping that the upcoming Year of the Horse would bring in more joy, prosperity and happiness for all!

    • You have lots to be thankful for and I’m glad you shared it here! I say a big amen to your wishes—lots of joy, prosperity, and happiness sounds wonderful. Happy (belated) Chinese New Year; have a great February!

      • Thanks! It’s not exactly “belated” as in some parts of the world, New Year is celebrated for DAYS (as in a week or so)! However, since people need to work now, I believe officially, China is “shut down” for three days.

  2. I dont watch the bachelor but I watch all the weddings. Man Sean and Catherine’s was quite boring or rather maybe the whole show package. The vows made me laugh when she said she feels love sprinkles sounded like she was in 5th grade.

    • hahaha! I already told you on Twitter that your comment cracked me up. ABC totally had me at their mercy because everything had me awwing! This was only the second wedding I had watched (Trista and Ryan being the first) so I guess it had been too long for me so I was willing to be a mumu…if that’s the proper use of the word! lol

  3. Thankful for a loving family that accepts me for who I am. No, seriously. Lol. My mom would stare at me and say, “Lord, I thank you for this child. I can’t believe she was in my womb for so long. Thank You for bringing her out.”

    Thankful for patience. Even when things are moving at a snail’s pace I have found peace in asking Him if I’m doing things right. I no longer lack courage to ask Him to halt things if they aren’t going according to His plans.

    Thankful for my gifts. All gifts are given by Him and for the edification of the church. The more I use ’em and thank Him for ’em, the more He wills more grace to me.

    I’m far from being spiritual but I’m ready for the challenges ahead.

    • Aww, your mom makes me laugh! Reminds me of my dad, actually—sometimes I know he wonders where I came from lol!

      Though you don’t think you’re that spiritual, you’re a wise woman of God, one I can learn a lot from…keep being you.

  4. Now you’ve made me want to search the whole WWW to watch this Bachelor programme! I’m gushing over what I’m reading, sounds really cool.

    I’m thankful for the gift of life…when there’s life, there’s hope plus a living dog is definitely better than a dead lion!

    I’m thankful for the new blog…It’s a massive commitment on my part, but grace is available; I know that with God, ALL things are possible :)!!!

    • Congrats on the new blog, Beeci, and on your commitment to it. It isn’t easy sticking to a new thing like this, no matter how motivated you are, so celebrate each victory and your’e right that God is the important factor in its success (in everything, really!).

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