Thankful in November

Happy Thursday to you!

I’m thankful:

  1. The elder of my two younger brothers turned 25 years old a few weeks ago. He’s such a smart guy but he needs to be reminded on a regular basis that he can be anything and do anything he wants to do (as long as he’s willing to work at it) so please say a prayer for him.
  2. My youngest brother applied for and got an amazing 30-week job opportunity as a Windows Leader. He gets a free laptop and an all-expenses paid trip to the big city for the weekend (for training) and he gets picked up from the airport in a limo with three other people selected from our area! I’m sure the experience will be one of his fondest memories of 2011. I am the proud older sister, that’s for sure (and I want his old laptop…hehehe…actually I plan to convince him to give it to my mom!).
  3. The string of green lights I got while driving to the bus stop this morning. Even though I wasn’t running late it’s still a lovely treat.
  4. The gift of a new day. Every day that I wake up is a true gift and I appreciate it.

  5. That my mom travelled to visit my dad and returned safely. That any concerns experienced during the trip did not have significant repercussions. That my parents love each other to bits.
  6. That the lack-of-heat problem at my parents’ house is resolved—for now. Anybody have $6,000 for a new furnace?
  7. Unanswered prayers. My colleague watched a Joel Osteen show on this topic and she said it reminded her of a situation that I’m going through, so she invited me to watch it with her. I enjoyed it and I will make a more conscious effort to be thankful when things don’t go as I wished. Some things he said were “Nothing can happen without God’s permission”, “Things don’t happen against me but for me”, and “The open and closed doors have been orchestrated by God”. Also, look at things not as a setback, but as a setup. It was a timely reminder.
  8. An unseasonably warm November. Winter will not pass us by but at least we’re being eased into it v-e-r-y slowly.

What are you thankful for?

I am disappointed with myself that I have not posted my letter to my future spouse on my single ladies blog. The entry is done but the format of the post is something I’m struggling with. Hopefully I’ll take time during the weekend to work on it.

7 thoughts on “Thankful in November

  1. You are so sweet! Everytime I read your blog, it's so encouraging and inspiring! Thanks for the reminder to be thankful– and yes, loving the November weather here in Toronto, too!

  2. i join you in thanking God for your wonderful list.

    I am thankful for the gift of life, and the opportunity to make a difference.

    You are right, winter is coming in slowly, it isn't so cold here as well…yet!

    how r u girl?

  3. im thankful,i came across this blog today,im thankful that eventhough am not there yet,am not where i used to be,am thankful for the gift of life,am thankful am stl with my family nothing missing nothing broken since the beginning of this thankful London is making my wayward brother a gentleman by force!

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