Making peace with the body I have

Jummy and Sayo in a swimming pool.

Text from Ves: You guys coming over for a swim today? We can bbq.
Me (to nobody): *Excited squeal*
Also me: Mentally cancels previous plans to run errands and organize my closet. Sends Sayo a text to say (all casual-like) “Oh Ves just asked if we wanted to come for bbq and a swim” along with the guilty face emoji (because the night before I told him about my plans to stay home and get things done!).
Sayo: Yeah, we can go if u like.
Me (to Ves): Yes please! So excited; going to look for my swimsuit now.

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Wading backwards through chest-high snow

If you’ve been following along closely, you may recall that I changed the tagline of my blog from Murdering the Yoruba language since 1979 (hehe—I love this tagline so much!) to Ordinary woman pursuing an extraordinary life. It sounds inspirational, right? Based on what you’ve read about me over the years and this new tagline, you’d might expect that in the almost two years that I’ve had this tagline I would have:

  • become more Christ-like
  • conquered obesity
  • become a money-making entrepreneur
  • become less fearful of doing things
  • set up the cozy home of my dreams
  • gotten married
  • had a babytwins (because: I’m no longer 25)
  • conquered my natural hair
  • become a passable cook
  • conquered gossip

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Questions for the unfulfilled

First off, Happy Birthday to Maggielola, the awesome woman behind Worship and Swag! May God continue to bless her hustle and her life as she shares her message with the world.

My birthday is less than a week away, and there’s nothing like an upcoming birthday to trigger introspection. Around this time for the past few years, I crave alone time to spend thinking about my life. I mostly think about how I’m not where I thought I would be by this age, and to be honest I get frustrated and upset about it. I know that beating myself up mentally won’t change things, so I shut down the pity party as soon as it begins.

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Gaining weight

How do you keep your

Several months ago on my way home from work, I pondered what it would be like to wear a thin suit. They have fat suits that can turn a 140lb person into a sumo wrestler; imagine if stuffing myself into a super-stretchy suit and zipping it up could make me 140lbs! While it would be great to wear cute clothes, I’m more interested in how my experience of the world would change if I had such a different body. Would I be more confident? Would I do more daring things as a result? I don’t know, but if there was an instant way to find out, I’d sign up for it. I’m fascinated by the mental process of weight loss, especially if one has a lot of weight to lose. Continue reading