Happy 2019 to us!

happy new year from good naija girl jummy and sayo smiling in the snow

2019 is off to a great start for me because Sayo and I rang in the new year together! In fact, Sayo has been here for two months—I know!! My prayer and wish that he would arrive in time for Christmas were answered!

Since Sayo’s arrival, we’ve been adjusting to married life, making a single woman’s house into a home for two, and in the process, learning lots about each other. I’m not as prepared for married life as I thought I was!

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What’s going on?

I have so much respect for the blogger I used to be seven or eight years ago, the one who showed up on a consistent basis without a strategy and without overthinking her content. Smartphones and social media were supposed to make blogging easier, but all they did was give me reasons to overthink something that was fine the way it was.

I miss blogging. The exercise of expressing of myself was free therapy.

I stopped sharing Thankful posts because I thought they were boring to read, especially since I wasn’t blogging about much else on a consistent basis. Because I wasn’t blogging about anything else, I also felt that the Thankful posts made it seem like I had a better relationship with God than I did, which made me feel disingenuous. Continue reading

Unexpected: Long-distance courtship

When I last shared from the Unexpected series a million years ago, my mom and I were on our way home from a trip to Nigeria in 2016 during which I had met Sayo for the first time. By the end of the trip, we’d decided to enter into a long-distance relationship. I wanted to keep things about Sayo quiet back home, even with my family, because I didn’t know if things would fizzle as quickly as they’d started.

After spending four blog posts outlining what happened in those first couple of weeks that we spent together, I’m going to cram most of our time apart into one blog post.

My mom was bursting to tell my dad, sister, and brother-in-law that I had met someone. She tried to get me to break the news with meaningful glances while we were updating them on the trip but I didn’t. Finally, she said something like Continue reading

Unexpected: The last 48 hours

Welcome to Part 4 of the Unexpected series, which is all about how I met this young man named Sayo last year. If you need to, you can catch up on how it started, the first 48 hours, and the List and other misunderstandings.

I apologize for the longer-than-usual delay to share this post—you’re so kind to stick with me! In response to a comment and question that I’ve received: Continue reading