5 things I’ll do to increase my chances of finding love in 2016

If you, like me, have #2016lovegoals, we need a plan to make this year different from the previous ones. I’m not saying this because my dad reminded me of it last weekend—though sometimes I think he can read my mind—I had drafted this post two months ago. Here are five things that I’ve started—or will start—doing to increase my chances of finding love in 2016. I’m even setting reminders on my phone to make sure I do them!

Regularly and sincerely pray for a spouse (in progress)

Over five years ago I shared that I felt odd praying for a spouse, even though it’s what my dad did and it worked for him. In that post I used the word resentful and it’s true: Continue reading

Alternatives to online dating

After some disappointments in matters of the heart last year and this year, I’m ready to try again and I’ve been thinking about my strategy. When you’re 34 you definitely need a strategy: sitting at home looking cute will not do the trick, and if I’m honest, while I do the “sitting at home” part extremely well, the “looking cute” part could use some work! ;) (Don’t worry, I have a “few” suggestions on how I could improve my appearance–har har.) My strategy at this time won’t include online dating, even though I know that online dating works: over the past ten years I can name four friends who met their spouses online. If I thought a bit harder I’m sure a few more names would come to me. But it doesn’t feel like the right option for me right now. As one of my friends said recently, “online dating … Continue reading