Thankful: February 2014

Thank God for bringing us to the end of another month! Yes, the year is moving too fast as usual, but as long as we’re here for the ride we should be thankful. I don’t believe in coincidences—I believe God uses so-called coincidences to remind us how blessed we are and to get us to take the focus off ourselves, among other things. It has been a month of revelation for me. One of my 2014 goals is to refine my friendships: I want friends who need me as much as I need them and when I’m the only one in the relationship who’s leaning on the other, I feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied. It’s not that my friends are unsupportive; some are just not making me feel needed. This may be because they’re married and they have someone to bounce ideas off of, and that’s the way it should be … Continue reading