Thankful for blurred family/friend lines

Although 99.5% of our relatives live in Nigeria and have therefore never been around for us to hang out with on a regular basis, I can’t say we don’t have family around us because everywhere we have lived, we have always managed to find a Nigerian community and become close to families who treat my parents like siblings, and who treat us like their own children. I remember one woman who had two sons back then who used to take my sister and I out because she didn’t have any girls of her own (yet). Even though this was almost 20 years ago and we haven’t even heard from them in at least 15 years, I remember thinking it would be cool if the older boy and I made a match of it (Afamdi: if you’re reading, look me up!). Anyway, one of the many families we became very close … Continue reading

Updates on a few things

The Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria (DSAN) could still use your donations and support. You can read more about the organization on their site. Please consider giving to help out this worthy organization. You can even donate through paypal, by sending the payment to Don’t forget to check out Genevieve Magazine Online for those who can’t get their hands on a copy easily! You can subscribe to receive all the fresh issues as they come out, or register on the site and receive a few free issues. One thing I will say from experience is the owner of the company launching the magazine online is so nice and provides excellent customer service, so don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions. To my dear single ladies who are waiting for me to act on that initiative I mentioned weeks ago: what I have so far is a … Continue reading

Life is short

For me, this week is all about being thankful to God for life because it can be so short. A friend sent me a his story about a girl, Katie Kirkpatrick, who got married despite being so very sick with cancer. She died five days after her wedding, at the age of 21. Here is a link to the forward…it is hard to read the captions and see the pictures without getting choked up. To see their love and her joy on her wedding day despite the difficulty of their journey is truly priceless. They could have decided that since her prognosis wasn’t good, it wasn’t worth her using all her strength to have a wedding, that she should not overexert herself like she did. It makes me think of all the times where I have let something minor affect my enjoyment of something. For example, I was hosting a … Continue reading

Thinking of home

A couple of days ago, my sister asked me when I’d be going back to Nigeria. Would I go next year? Because I want to accrue vacation time, I’ll probably have to wait until 2011. There is the possibility of taking time off without pay, but I still don’t know if my employer looks kindly on that, and I’d like another colleague to do it before I do. From that question, we started talking about how things have changed from last November when we had just returned from Nigeria. I remember how homesick we were for Nigeria. Although we had been in Nigeria for less than a month, and although prior to this last visit I hadn’t been there for almost 15 years, it was like I had always lived there and I was getting used to the routines of the day: the NEPA shortages, getting water from the well, … Continue reading

Welcome, single ladies!

Thank you for your patience, but at last I’ve gotten my act together regarding starting this site. I really wanted the site to be called All The Single Ladies, but someone beat me to it (and they aren’t even using it! Argh!). Anyway, as I mentioned here, the purpose of this blog is to have a place to discuss what we, single women of (largely) African origin in their late 20s, 30s or older, are dealing with. Some of us would like to have a partner one day, others see themselves unattached in the future. No matter what our future goals, one important goal should be being fabulous right now. Being single may feel like a curse, or something to be dispatched with as soon as possible for some (sometimes this is exactly how I feel), but I know deep down that until you learn to love yourself and your … Continue reading

Thank God!

I am so thankful that my baby brother lived to see another year of life and turned 21 years of age this week. He’s the biggest pain in the neck (no joke) and he’s used to the fact that as the baby of the family, not much was expected from him so he’s lazy and thinks he can get away with anything. I can still remember when he used to be this tiny plump baby, then a super plump toddler with the cutest little belly, then a super skinny pre-teen and teenager who could eat the entire contents of the house and still claim to be hungry. Now he “works out” so he’s no longer our stringbean. I thank God for his life and for the joy he’s brought to the family. He was the one who completed our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m thankful … Continue reading