I’m back from my almost four weeks in Nigeria and I am thankful to God for a safe journey to and fro and also within Nigeria. Honestly: North America is just too far away from Africa and that Atlantic Ocean is just too vast! When you make a trip, even a day trip, and learn of others who got into accidents on the same route, sometimes mere hours before or after your own trip, you just have to be thankful that your life was spared. I’m also thankful that we met my brothers and father who stayed behind in good health. The trip was too short. I had grand dreams of blogger meetups and lots of swanky socializing, but the reality is when the idea hits you at the last minute, when your internet access isn’t constant and when you don’t have the phone numbers of many of the people … Continue reading

Two updates while away? Amazing!

I would have never guessed that less than two years after my last visit to Nigeria, I’d be sitting in my aunt’s parlour, watching Moonlight and typing out a quick blog entry before internet time runs out. Two years ago, I had resigned myself to not having access to the internet and I assumed it would be the same thing this time. I’m delighted that I’m wrong, though my access will probably only be weekly (which might be a good thing, given my obsession with the internet). This trip has been pretty interesting so far…I’ve had quite a surprise related to this little matter that I’m still trying to process. Unfortunately some of the same family matters that were present two years ago remain around, and I’m starting to understand why my dad advises me every time we speak to him to just remain agreeable with what family members are … Continue reading

First (and hopefully not last) update!

Remember these awesome hosts that I’ve referenced to before? Well we’re at their place now and these people have more than outdone themselves making us comfortable, from picking up three of us and our ten pieces of luggage (don’t judge us o; three were hand luggage!) to driving us to Victoria Island so I could meet the completely awesome Seye Kuyinu, to letting me use their laptop. Speaking of meeting bloggers, while I was waiting at the Silverbird Galleria for Seye, I tweeted that I was there and asked who wanted to meet me and the lovely Miss Balance replied that she was so I got to meet her and her friend! The girl is lovely (and so fine!). I really hope to meet many more people while I’m here but logistically that may not be possible. I’m hopeful though. To all of you who wished us safe travels, I’m … Continue reading

A lesson about men

The one lesson about the opposite sex that I’ve learned this year is that nearly all men are afraid of confrontation. I added the “nearly” to be fair, but I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t run the other way when he thinks a woman might get upset over something. I used to think that oyinbo men were more afraid of confrontation than their African counterparts but I was dead wrong on that count! I’m baffled by the fact that a guy would rather say nothing and continue to give a woman hope than say “I’m just not that into you”. Sometimes they will even make all the motions to show that they are into you when the opposite is true because they think the world will fragment into a million pieces if you were to get upset, raise your voice or question something they say. I consider … Continue reading

Here we go again

As you read this, I’m officially on my way to Nigeria, and I’m asking you to please say a word of prayer for God’s protection over those of us who are traveling and those who are staying behind. My family of six is very close-knit and it’s always hard for us to be separated. I’ll miss my daddy…and he started missing us about five days before we left (eh ya)! I’m looking forward to seeing this woman: my maternal grandma, who is arguably the cutest woman ever. She’s so adorable when she’s talking and trying to convince you of a point. This was the best picture I could find of her in mid-conversation. I’m looking forward to hearing her husky laugh, especially when I scream “Mama!” in my special way when I see her. I can’t wait!! I also plan to see this lovely woman by God’s grace: (my paternal … Continue reading

Another one bites the dust

If you know me, you know that I’m an advocate of online dating, as long as the internet is used as a tool to meet someone, and the ultimate goal is to meet in person (and not carry on a relationship that remains strictly online/on the phone). But in the past year, I’ve discovered that due to my issues with my weight (which I mentioned in my last entry), I have difficulty getting from “getting to know you online” to “meeting in person”. I spend too much time stressing over the fact that despite the realistic pictures that I have sent, despite the fact that my online profile says I’m fat, a guy will see me in person and run away, traumatized. I’m ridiculous, I know, but it’s a fear I have a hard time shaking. My friends are always surprised at how real this fear of mine is, and … Continue reading