Dear future husband

I remember the title of this entry being a “trending topic” on twitter sometime. I’ve always been practical about love, so I never had things like “hottie” or “super rich” on my list of things I wanted in a man. My list had things most practical women want in a man: family-oriented, sense of humour, ambitious (but not too much so), employed, educated, taller than I am (um, that is practical, right?), Christian…but I’ve never thought of writing a letter to my future husband, touching on those other qualities I want, or on how I see our ordinary days unfolding. I’d like to write this letter now and I challenge you to do so as well if you’d like. You can write to your future wife if you prefer. The deadline is two weeks from now, on November 4. Who’s in?

Trying to be less hard on myself

I was going to talk about the Nigerian Independence Day party that I and the other members of the local Nigerian association executive planned, but this is important. I hope anyone who can relate will join me in changing their frame of mind. I tend to be really hard on myself. I’ve been told this my entire life. For example, I have been blogging since November 2002 and since 2003 I’ve wanted to design amazing websites to house my blogs. I spent many sleepless nights reading instructions online and trying to make it work, first with a blog software called Movable Type, then over the last five years with WordPress. I shed a lot of tears (I do that when I get frustrated) and I’ve called myself all sorts of names over the years (stupid, dumb, incompetent) because I never seemed to pick up web design stuff to the level … Continue reading

Happy, thankful Thursday

I woke up this morning and was so happy to see the sun. The sun has a way of making any day seem great, even before it’s begun. The trick now is to find a way to feel like this on rainy days or those upcoming snowy/ slushy/freezing days. It’s been a little while since I did a thankful post. I’m thankful: that I was able to help throw a moderately successful Nigerian independence day event, even though it was planned in a short timeline and I was very angry with my fellow Board members for much of last week. God still blessed our efforts (and prevented me from killing anyone!). Bonus: I met happybbbAlice and Lohi_O, albeit briefly! They are lovely girls (and too cool for GNG). discretionary income. Of course it’s a good idea to save money but I am grateful that once in a while I can … Continue reading

On the visible and invisible components of The List

This poor blog has been neglected. The plan is for it to one day be a subsection of my main blog so that visitors to my blog who might be interested in GNG’s thoughts on the single life and (in my case) the journey to find a good Nigerian man, can explore it in one place. I came across Bagucci’s post (does he still call himself that?) about four things he’s looking for in a woman. This post would be The List. He ends his post with a question to the reader inquiring if he’s asking for too much. Most respondents including me said we didn’t think he was asking for too much. However, some felt that he might have to seek this woman halfway across the world (something he was hoping to avoid) and I added that his modest list might actually be longer upon closer inspection. I could … Continue reading

On African Time

How do you feel when you hear of “African Time” or “Nigerian Time”? Since I joined that Nigerian Association that I mentioned earlier, one problem I see so far is a lack of respect of time. When we were setting up the first meeting and we agreed upon 6pm, I asked if it was African Time or actual time. Everyone insisted it was not African Time yet only three of us arrived on time, four if you count the president, who was hosting us. One person arrived five or ten minutes after us, two were half an hour late while two were an hour and 20 minutes late. A mention about the importance of arriving on time was met with nonchalance. The meeting started 30 minutes late. Worse than the latecomers to me was the time that was taken by the president to summarize what the late arrivals missed…during the … Continue reading

Sickle Cell Awareness Month

I just learned today that September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month, and I’m glad there is a time to focus on this disease and the work being done to eradicate it. I encourage you to read up on sickle cell anemia/sickle cell disease if you know nothing about it; a quick search on google will reveal a lot of sources of information. I also encourage you to donate to a local organization if you have the means. Any amount is helpful, and if you spend a couple of dollars on coffee, a new nail polish, or lunch out every day or every week, it’s easy to justify making a contribution. I know money is tight so I’m only asking those who know in their hearts they can spare $10, $30 or more. Like last year I chose The Sickle Cell Association of Ontario. The only time I’ve written about sickle … Continue reading