Mo dupe*

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the USA and if you’re celebrating I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I challenge you to think of several things that you are thankful for. Here’s my list: My cousin had a bouncing baby boy (hehe, why don’t we call baby girls ‘bouncing’?)! She, her husband, and our family have been praying for a baby for them for a while so the whole family is just thrilled. The pot of stew that my mom made for me, with dried fish from Nigeria from my grandma! I can’t wait to have it with some rice. Friends who give me good advice and a different (and helpful!) perspective on issues I’m dealing with. My friend’s safe arrival in the UK to join her husband! (I’m also happy (for them) about all the smooching and loving that they’re both getting as a result of this reunion!) The ability … Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Good Naija Girl

Christmas is almost here and just like I did last year, I would like to send Christmas cards to some readers of this blog. As long as the Nigeria-based folks don’t mind if their card is a little late, I would be happy to send to Nigeria as well. The first 20 people who leave a comment will receive a card. After I receive your comment, I will send you an email asking for your mailing address. Thank you! (Updated to add: Last year I sent 15 cards and that’s what I meant to do again this year but when I posted the entry originally, I indicated 25 cards. To compromise I have changed the number to 20 and at the time of this update, eight people had signed up.)

Thankful in November

Happy Thursday to you! I’m thankful: The elder of my two younger brothers turned 25 years old a few weeks ago. He’s such a smart guy but he needs to be reminded on a regular basis that he can be anything and do anything he wants to do (as long as he’s willing to work at it) so please say a prayer for him. My youngest brother applied for and got an amazing 30-week job opportunity as a Windows Leader. He gets a free laptop and an all-expenses paid trip to the big city for the weekend (for training) and he gets picked up from the airport in a limo with three other people selected from our area! I’m sure the experience will be one of his fondest memories of 2011. I am the proud older sister, that’s for sure (and I want his old laptop…hehehe…actually I plan to convince … Continue reading

On Oprah

My mom used to watch Oprah sometimes when I was growing up, so I know most of the theme songs that Oprah has used over the years. In high school and university I watched the occasional episode but when she went all “spiritual” (as distinct from “godly”), I wasn’t interested in her at all. Because of my work schedule I was never home when her show was on. I heard of the introduction of the book club and the Angel Network, and in more recent times I hear of her amazing giveaways of her favourite things, but I wasn’t a devout watcher of her show during those times. When I heard her show was ending earlier this year, and that there would be opportunities for anyone to be on her show, my colleague and I tried hard to get on the show but we weren’t successful. I watched an interview … Continue reading

It’s still Thursday on the west coast

It’s a chilly Thursday but at least it’s not snowing yet! It’s not unusual for my corner of the world to have snow by the end of October so I will appreciate the clear sidewalks while I can. Additionally, I am thankful for some other things: My sister got a better job! It’s a short-term contract position to start but we’re praying that this will be the start of something bigger and much longer in duration. It’s a great start to her 30th year of life! I’m also thankful to my friend who allowed me to send my sister’s resume to her so she could forward it to the people in charge of hiring. I have good friends who care about me and build me up when I’m feeling down, and that includes you! Thank you for the responses on my last post and the care I read in your … Continue reading