How NOT to prepare for a protest (and more about how the Occupy Nigeria protest went)

Get home from your parents’ house at almost 2:00 in the morning. Remember that you don’t have a placard. Also remember you meant to buy bristol board but didn’t. Go to the kitchen to warm up your homemade pot of turkey soup so that it doesn’t spoil. Notice that you have a shallow cardboard box. Bring your find to the living room. Cut off the sides of the box. Think about the message you want to write on your placard. Examine your Sharpie collection. Think about the message you want to write on your placard. Officially become the last person alive to discover Shirley Eniang‘s YouTube channel. Watch several videos. Think about the message you want to write on your placard. Pick a message that will fit on the placard. Plan spacing of message. Plan poorly, requiring a restart. Complete your message. Head up to bed around 4:20, but not … Continue reading

On protesting Nigeria’s fuel subsidy removal

You can’t go anywhere on blogville without hearing about the Occupy Nigeria movement that was sparked by the fuel subsidy removal, leading to more than doubling of fuel prices overnight (among other things). I want to talk about how this particular issue touches me from the perspective of a Nigerian who was raised in diaspora (ugh, I don’t like the way diaspora sounds). When something serious happens in Nigeria, like bombings or a presidential election, I often don’t talk about them (on my blog or elsewhere) because they’re usually related to politics and I’m politically apathetic (I do vote though!). I’m not interested in Canadian, American, Nigerian, or any politics. I care about people, their struggles and how their lives are affected by politics. Because I’m out of touch with politics, it’s hard to share a strong opinion when I’m not in Nigeria experiencing the event. So, that means I … Continue reading

First thankful post of 2012

In my first entry this year I shared my goal to blog twice a week. It’s been nine days since that post and I’m just updating! I deserve your boos and jeers, so bring it on! ;) I’m really excited about what 2012 has in store for all of us. The sermon at church last Sunday was the perfect start to the year, and it was called A Fresh Start. I was reminded that we should not dwell on the successes of 2011 because they’re in the past. So if 2011 was the most phenomenal year ever, thank God for it but look ahead to 2012! We’re also not supposed to dwell on the failures of 2011 either because that will hold us back from progressing in 2012. So for all those goals that I’ve had since the inception of this blog in 2008 (yikes!), that I haven’t yet acted … Continue reading

Welcome, 2012

Happy New Year! Thank God we made it to 2012. It’s easy to forget that not everyone who was looking forward to this year will get to experience it so I already feel blessed. I hope you’re thankful for your life and excited about a fresh new year and all that can be accomplished in it. On the topic of accomplishments, I looked over the list of things I shared that I was looking forward to in 2011 and how disappointing: I only accomplished one item on the list! People who set goals and actually accomplish them intrigue me (and make me envious of them, quite frankly!) so I need to master the art of goal setting (and accomplishing). One big thing I fail to do is regularly review my goals to make sure I’m on track (and adjust them if necessary). Once I’ve completed my list of goals for … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Whether you’re spending Christmas with your loved ones or you’re separated from them, have a great time. I hope you can connect with the special people in your life somehow (homing pigeon, letter, email, text message, phone, skype, face-to-face) and enjoy this time. By God’s grace we will all usher in 2012 together!

Reminded to be thankful

I was reminded today about how precious life is, not (thank God!) because I learned that someone had passed away but because of two people close to me who are dealing with chronic health conditions (one is a family member and one is the wife of a friend). I thank God that they are alive and I know God will continue to look after them. What I am praying for in both cases is a better quality of life for them, one where they can do those simple things like go for a walk or drive a car and it not be a big deal. But these people reminded me that there is much to be thankful for and it’s Thursday so here’s my collection of things I thank God for: My sister’s help with a party I hosted last weekend. I could not have done it without her. The … Continue reading