On finding focus on your blog

I started this blog on January 14, 2008 at goodnaijagirl.wordpress.com, and moved it to goodnaijagirl.com on Canada Day, July 1, 2008. I can’t believe it’s been four years already! Although I’ve been blogging for what will be 10 years this November (blogging is the most consistent thing I’ve ever done!), I wanted a space where I could talk about my experience as a Nigerian Canadian with people who might understand that “caught-between-two-cultures” feeling I wanted to express. Although I eat Nigerian food regularly (thanks to my mom!) and take part in events hosted by the local Nigerian associations, I have pretty much kept my Nigerian activities separate from my Canadian friends (because I can’t cook and I’m not as hospitable as most Nigerians are). I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for this blog, the Nigerian Blog Awards site, and All my single ladies, and comparing those goals to … Continue reading

On marriage

One of the blogs I regularly visit is CAKIES, and Rubyellen, who runs the blog, shared a beautiful letter for her sister who got married this past weekend (I bolded the parts of the letter that grabbed me the most): Today, you are getting married. Enjoy it. Don’t worry about that extra fluff that makes weddings look pretty. That is what it really is, just fluff. Those things don’t make a marriage. I have seen God’s grace and goodness in your life as I think about where God has brought you. You are here not because of anything you have done, but only because of what God has done. Don’t find your joy in finally being married because if you do, you will be greatly disappointed. Don’t find your joy in Christian, because if you do, you will also be greatly disappointed. Marriage is fun, but it is also hard. … Continue reading

GNG cooks: Broiled dodo

So many of my favourite Nigerian treats are deep-fried: chin chin, puff puff, and dodo. I’ve wanted to try broiling dodo instead of frying it for a long time so I finally decided to do it last night. I started with two plantains (shocking!). I washed them (my mom always washes plantains before peeling them). I peeled them. Before you think I’m a poor plantain peeler (try saying that three times fast!), this batch of plantain that I bought had this weird “bark” (like tree bark) thing on it so it didn’t peel nicely. Has anyone ever had that happen to them before? I added some olive oil to a bowl… …added the sliced plantain to the oil, sprinkled them with a tiny bit of salt, and tossed them to coat the plantains with oil. Then I broiled them. I set the oven to 400°F at first and broiled them … Continue reading

On seeking divine guidance in relationships

Do you remember three months ago when I was supposed to post a letter to my future husband? And then I delayed it? I hope to post the entry soon, but I have to admit I’m not in the same space emotionally as I was when I first started working on my letter. In addition, hearing about what some people are going through in their marriages is making me think even more about what I need from my future marriage, from my future husband, and of course the all-important what I will bring to my future marriage. I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few months about what actually matters in a relationship and what is just nice to have (but is not actually essential). Also on my mind is something my dad has been telling for a long time. He has told me times without number to pray … Continue reading

On giving God the praise in all circumstances

While thinking about all that I have to be thankful for, this song came to mind: This song was written by the worship and multicultural ministries pastor at my church and he’s the one singing in the video above. The song doesn’t sound like it usually does because at church there are a ton of other instruments and singers accompanying the instruments. The words are great! So, what am I giving God the praise for this week? For the way my parents love me. I have never doubted their love for me, and this feeling just grows. The older I get the closer I feel to my parents. I am so thankful for who they are and how devoted they are to my siblings and I. I am truly blessed. The unbelievable generosity of my friends. I signed up to raise $1,000 for a cause dear to my heart (finding … Continue reading

What’s in a name again?

(This is kind of a continuation of What’s in a name?.) When my parents were deciding what to name the precious daughter (who turned out to be me!), my mom told me they decided to give me a Yoruba first name so that I would always have a tie to my heritage, no matter where in the world I ended up. My two middle names are also Yoruba, and they were given to me by my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother. My parents hadn’t planned to raise their children abroad but since my dad’s education brought my parents to North America and all four of their children were born here, my parents decided that for the sake of us children, it would be best to remain in North America. The result then is four Yoruba children with names that are regularly mispronounced by our Canadian friends. Because my siblings and … Continue reading