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My mom used to watch Oprah sometimes when I was growing up, so I know most of the theme songs that Oprah has used over the years. In high school and university I watched the occasional episode but when she went all “spiritual” (as distinct from “godly”), I wasn’t interested in her at all. Because of my work schedule I was never home when her show was on. I heard of the introduction of the book club and the Angel Network, and in more recent times I hear of her amazing giveaways of her favourite things, but I wasn’t a devout watcher of her show during those times.

When I heard her show was ending earlier this year, and that there would be opportunities for anyone to be on her show, my colleague and I tried hard to get on the show but we weren’t successful. I watched an interview of her by Barbara Walters and I was really touched by a lot of what she said. The best part for me was that after “going all spiritual” for so many years and not mentioning God, she talked about God specifically by that name at the end.

That being said, I don’t know exactly what Oprah’s beliefs are, and while I’m not a very good example of a Christian, I am striving for a God-centred life so that will always be my main belief system. The last time I wrote about Oprah someone left a comment asking how I could like her in light of what she said about Nigerians. From googling I learned that quite a few Nigerian forums quoted her saying that all Nigerians are corrupt, which is clearly a misguided statement. I wish I could find an article or something that would give some context but I haven’t been successful. I’ve decided not to hold that against her, seeing as I am not perfect either and have made generalizations about various groups of people.

Enough preamble! All I want to say is that I am loving Oprah’s Lifeclass! When Oprah went off the air I thought she was gone for good but for her to come back with a show that shares the lessons she’s learned over the years in a way that rings so true within you and sticks with you is fantastic. This is the third week of her Lifeclass. I’ve watched six episodes and enjoyed these four in particular:

  • Lesson 3: You become what you believe
  • Lesson 6: Who you were meant to be – everyone has a calling
  • Lesson 9: You’re responsible for your life
  • Lesson 11: Your life speaks to you in a whisper

I like how she uses clips from her 25 years of talk show footage to support these various lessons, in addition to including updates on some of the past stories as well as fresh perspectives. My life goal is to figure out my purpose and with God and resources like this show I think I’ll reach that goal. Even if you’ve heard these lessons before, I know you’ll benefit from hearing them again. In fact if I wasn’t such a cheap girl I would say that I can’t wait to buy the dvd collection of life lessons when it comes out.

If you have access to OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) I encourage you to tune in at 8:00pm EST one weeknight and see if the show brings something good to your life. The next episode this coming Monday is about following your gut.

15 thoughts on “On Oprah

  1. Never really was a fan myself, much less so when she went all Zennish/ New Ageish… Guess sometimes as humans we need someone else to reiterate the things we know deep down inside but are unwilling to accept. That to me has to be the genius of Oprah..

    • Thank you for your comment, Rust Geek :)

      Ah yes…calling it zen or new age is a better description of the direction she went and I agree: I couldn't relate to that and lost interest. I found her magazine is much like these Lifeclass series so that's a side of her that seems to speak to me.

      That last bit of your comment is well said! I agree with you.

  2. she lost me when she claimed to be zulu in ancestry (yeah right – in all actuality, given the path of the slave trade, she's probably naija) . her comment about nigerians lost me forever.

    • Hello there! Like I explained in my entry I decided not to write her off because I never found a source other than forums saying what she said what she said and also, I know I have been guilty of judging a group by the actions of a few bad eggs. lovepaprika's makes an interesting point below.

  3. same here… I was not a fan until the final season… I do not care much about how she was quoted or misunderstood by Nigerians… I mean she invited 'bellanaija' on her show so i'm sure she is not a myopic person. The lives she touched and most importantly lessons she shared are what really got me.

  4. Thanks for the links. I only found about Oprahs lifelessons from your other blog post. I was a fan of Oprah but never really watched it. I will try my hardest to get into these life lessons. I am on on a mission to live my life as authentically as you can. I find this to be easier now that I am living on my own.
    You should also check out stevepavlina.com. He is supposed to be a leader in self motivation.

    • Hello Rhona! I'm glad you've discovered the Lifeclasses and I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for the link to Steve Pavlina's site…I'll check it out.

      I'm with you on the path to live my most authentic life….all the best to you!

  5. Im indifferent about Oprah but I like her personality and her positivity. Apart from whatever she believes in, she has positive influence on people.
    Im happy to be finding out more Nigerian Bloggers like you. Greetings from Germany.

  6. i am also indifferent to Oprah and she might be confused sometimes re spirituality but let us not lie, that woman has done well for herself , she is using her gift and has yielded the results.

    Ginger has summed it up well in her comment.

    Will check out the series. Thanks!

  7. Oprah is one of the legends in this industry. There is very few people whom she hasn’t interviewed. Her way of tackling the current situation is something that makes her so special. Most of all, she is a very down to earth person.

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