Mo dupe

(The title means “I give thanks” in Yoruba)

I am thankful for:

  1. Answered prayers. I got an answer yesterday to something I’ve been praying for and working toward since last December. The prayer has not yet been fully answerd but it’s well on its way…definitely cause to give thanks.
  2. Encouraging colleagues and friends. I have extremely supportive people around me; it’s amazing really. I sometimes feel bad because I don’t feel I’m as supportive to them as they are to me but I’m thankful that I am helpful (I get that from my mom)…if they ask, I’m always willing to help out, and I look for opportunities to help. Hopefully that balances things out.
  3. New friends. I may be on the way to making a new friend at one of my exercise classes. She’s about six years older than I am but it turns out we went to the same high school and we both recently left the church we went to for years (me: 19, her 38) to join a new congregation (different churches). We also have similar body issues. Anyway, it was nice to have a chance to connect with her after this week’s class.
  4. Increasing closeness to my siblings. This is something that I’ve been working on and one amazing thing that has happened recently is the elder of my two younger brothers has contacted me a couple of times for advice. That has never happened before; he and I have had a very tumultuous relationship. I’m really happy about this.

I should start thanking God for things that I want but haven’t yet received, or actively prayed for, such as winning the lottery! I really think I’m so deserving…but who doesn’t right? :)

I really encourage you to look for opportunities to help others, in particular through networking. If someone you know is moving to a different country or city and you have a friend or acquaintance in that new city, ask them if you can give the new person their contact information, so they can ask questions or get information about the new locale. It’s such a small service but it can really help someone settle into a new environment. And who knows: you may end up introducing new best friends or future romantic partners to one another!

8 thoughts on “Mo dupe

  1. Aww, GNG. I'm thankful for you! Its always nice to lend a helping hand. Have a nice weekend :).

    Btw, its been a while!

  2. I give thanks too.

    GNG could you pls sort out your RSS…believe it or not, your most current post on the rss feed is the one titled "Still not doing much Nigerian cooking"…

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. When I saw mo dupe, I was thinking, who did you dupe? Lol.

    I might have an idea or two about the last paragraph in this post. Hit me up when next you online.

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