Mo dupe*

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the USA and if you’re celebrating I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I challenge you to think of several things that you are thankful for.

Here’s my list:

  1. My cousin had a bouncing baby boy (hehe, why don’t we call baby girls ‘bouncing’?)! She, her husband, and our family have been praying for a baby for them for a while so the whole family is just thrilled.
  2. The pot of stew that my mom made for me, with dried fish from Nigeria from my grandma! I can’t wait to have it with some rice.
  3. Friends who give me good advice and a different (and helpful!) perspective on issues I’m dealing with.
  4. My friend’s safe arrival in the UK to join her husband! (I’m also happy (for them) about all the smooching and loving that they’re both getting as a result of this reunion!)
  5. The ability of certain Yinka Ayefele and Tope Alabi songs to lift my spirits when I’m feeling down.
  6. That my brother is feeling better. I think he has strep throat or something: he couldn’t breathe and couldn’t swallow. He was pretty miserable but thanks to some medication he’s feeling better.
  7. The upcoming Christmas party that I’m hosting. Everything is a mess and I’ll be stressed as the day gets closer but I do love organizing things for a party.
  8. Black Friday! My friend and I will be leaving for some shopping later in the day and we hope to get some deals. For me the real thrill is the trip to the States and checking out the deals; I don’t usually buy much.

*Mo dupe means “I give thanks” in Yoruba

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