Merry Christmas from Good Naija Girl

Christmas is almost here and just like I did last year, I would like to send Christmas cards to some readers of this blog. As long as the Nigeria-based folks don’t mind if their card is a little late, I would be happy to send to Nigeria as well.

The first 20 people who leave a comment will receive a card. After I receive your comment, I will send you an email asking for your mailing address.

Thank you!

(Updated to add: Last year I sent 15 cards and that’s what I meant to do again this year but when I posted the entry originally, I indicated 25 cards. To compromise I have changed the number to 20 and at the time of this update, eight people had signed up.)

49 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Good Naija Girl

  1. i got a card last year and just realized I never sent a thank you. (Hangs head in shame) My mama taught me better than that. I really did like the handmade card, it was sweet and thoughtful of you.

  2. I would love your card,Even though I am the 27th person,which is contrary to number of people you are searching for but believe,I am the 9 person out of the 20,because if you add 2 and 7 you will get 9, aha aha!!, send me a card

  3. Gosh i tried and tried but this thing didn't allow me comment 2 days ago when you put the post up. ! Looks like i am late now. Oh well i would still a card too pls

  4. Getting to grips with WordPress is no easy feat. I'm impressed. Thanks for offering to send me a Christmas card, in fact I should be sending you a card. Good bless you and thanks for the inspiration blog posts.

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