Love goals

My goals:

  1. Be truly open to interest from a Christian man, as long as he doesn’t raise any alarm bells Deadline: Ongoing
  2. Tell six family members and friends that I’m looking for love Deadline: February 14, 2014 *wink*



  • Conversation on Skype with my “uncle” on January 13:

    Me: Though if you know any good men in the 34 years plus range (I’ll be 35 in June!) please connect us, Uncle!

    Him: There are many of them…plus, you only need One good man

    Me: True enough :)

    lol ooops! I should have said that it hasn’t been easy finding this one good man here (he’s in Nigeria). I’ll do better the next time we talk.


  • I told a younger male friend to keep his eyes open for me. He asked me if I’d be interested in his uncle, who is 50 years old. I was insulted but to be fair, I hadn’t given him an age range.
  • After a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner with a friend, I came home and decided to check out a dating site that my parents and a friend had asked me to give a chance to. I started filling out my profile and I was filled with a feeling that this site would be like all the others so I stopped the process.

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