It’s still Thursday on the west coast

It’s a chilly Thursday but at least it’s not snowing yet! It’s not unusual for my corner of the world to have snow by the end of October so I will appreciate the clear sidewalks while I can.

Additionally, I am thankful for some other things:

  • My sister got a better job! It’s a short-term contract position to start but we’re praying that this will be the start of something bigger and much longer in duration. It’s a great start to her 30th year of life! I’m also thankful to my friend who allowed me to send my sister’s resume to her so she could forward it to the people in charge of hiring.
  • I have good friends who care about me and build me up when I’m feeling down, and that includes you! Thank you for the responses on my last post and the care I read in your comments.
  • Material blessings. Whenever I get into my car I smile and I remind myself that it’s just a thing. But it still makes me smile.
  • Inspiration. I seem to find it everywhere! I haven’t acted on it yet but by God’s grace I will sooner rather than later. I must carve out time for what I need to do instead of lazing about during the evenings.
  • Life. There have been quite a few “senseless” deaths in my city in the past week (two accidents and a suicide come immediately to mind) and I am thankful that I am alive. I was watching Oprah’s Lifeclass and she was talking about how she appreciates every birthday because she knows many who didn’t live to a certain age. I am so thankful that I realized how blessed I am in this regard some years back. I am truly thankful every morning that I open my eyes (I often smile to myself and say “Thank you, God”), even if I groan at the thought of going to work or even if my 32 year old face no longer looks dewy fresh. Life is a gift! Please be thankful that you’ve made it to another day.

What are you thankful for? Nothing is too small to list.

11 thoughts on “It’s still Thursday on the west coast

  1. Thankful for a promotion work.
    Thankful for an open door to move up in my career
    Thankful for restoration in my fathers life
    Thankful for my friend who just got married

  2. Thankful for life and the chance to live it with the one I love.
    Thankful that two months after resigning to be my own boss I am yet to have one moment of regret, fact is I am too busy to even think about it.

    I always enjoy reading your post and thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm thankful for an opportunity to start a new venture. As I read your last post, I really sympathized with you! Web design is something I've always wanted to learn, but I am paying thousands to learn that (and other skills). I launched my website, and it's decent, just the basics for now. I've gotten positive feedback, but one person said that it's poorly constructed. You can see it at While the comment kind of was like a knife to the heart because I worked so hard and did the best I could, I've decided to take it in stride. The person who said it is experienced in photography, maybe website design too. When I asked for suggestions, there was no response. So you see, my dear, there will always be those who criticize with no aim to help. We have to have confidence in ourselves, doing the best we know how, getting better all the time. I'm sure you'll do great in your efforts to learn. :)

    • Hey Chidinma!

      Congrats on the new venture and kudos on putting your newly acquired skills to work. You really did a good job of illustrating your point: imagine someone is critiquing your work and even though it was painful to you you reached out seeking insight and you didn't get a response. Some people will just criticize without care to building people up. Thank God you didn't let that bother you. I appreciate your encouragement for sure…so thank you!

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