Human rights violation of a young woman in Nigeria

Much of this entry is from the information that I received from a friend via email.

BThe picture to the left is that of B, a 26 year old graduate of Computer Science from the University of Ilorin, a former staff of Virgin Nigeria (she has on her uniform as a ticketing officer in the picture). She remained a staff of Nigeria until 2007 that evil struck and her life changed and definitely for the worse.

B graduated with good grades, went for NYSC and got a good job at Virgin Nigeria. She was posted to the ticketing unit at the Calabar Office.

G and B met in school (Unilorin) and they started to date. G was a student in the Mathematics Department in the same University with B but for one reason or the other, he eventually got thrown out of school.

Sometime in 2007, G got wind of the fact that B had left him for another guy. He asked her to marry him but she turned him down. G then travelled to her house, smashed a stabilizer on her head, she fainted and he did not stop at that. Just to make sure she was dead, he took a knife and stabbed her several times in the head. He left with her phone and locked her inside her house. Coincidentally, B’s sister who lives outside the country called her phone which he kept cutting and later switched off. That was strange to B’s sister, so she called her brother to send a number of one of B’s colleagues at Virgin Nigeria and she got them to go to her house, they broke the door and she was on the floor, in a pool of her own blood. She was rushed to the hospital, they battled to save her life and miraculously she was revived. Virgin Nigeria took care of her medical bills as she went through several surgeries at different hospitals.

When I first received this email, B had experienced partial memory loss, and because of this could no longer work with Virgin Nigeria. She has since recovered from the memory loss, but sadly appears to have suffered brain damage, and will likely not be able to work again as a result.

She is back at her parents’ home, and her widowed mother is taking care of her (her father passed away a few years back). Perhaps the saddest part of it is B was doing so well, supporting her mom and siblings, but now she must be supported by her unemployed and widowed mother.

Her sister abroad sent money to have the culprit arrested and prosecuted, but B’s mother begged them to leave the judgement to God. However, G remains a threat to the society. Though he thinks B is dead, when he finds out that she is still alive, he may go after her so that she can never testify against him. He knows her parents’ house; he can still strike. This guy remains a threat to many others including B’s family and friends.

Unfortunately, since the family has dropped the case, even if one of you were willing to take on the case, it might prove difficult to get the family’s cooperation. I’m sure you can understand B’s mother’s fear of pursuing the issue (she probably just wants to be able to care for her daughter in peace, without fear of him coming back). Still, I wanted to put this out there with some questions:

  1. Human rights violations like this take place everywhere in the world, sadly. What can we do to ensure that justice is served wherever we live (generally speaking)?
  2. What would you do in this situation, if this was a friend or family member of yours? Would you pursue justice through the legal system (even against the wishes of some of the family members)?
  3. Do you think there are measures we can take to minimize the chances of this happening to ourselves or to others (God forbid)?

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  1. This, seems like the final straw that pushes me over the edge tonight. First off, have just been talking to someone back in Nigeria over this military offensive in the Niger Delta – and how a member of the House of Reps had the utter senselessness to say if 20million people died for the salvation of the 100 million, so be it! If the House of Reps concerned themselves with acting on all the various concabs and agendas that they shoud be, instead of jostling for positions on lucrative contracts, perhaps some clear policy on the Niger Delta might have given them a head start on the battle for the minds of the populace!

    Clearly, I think the solution to this is three fold

    + first there should be channels thorugh which atrocties like this can be channeled anonymously, investigated and then prosecuted

    + people need to be enlightened. Saying God will judge is fatalistic, and merely plays into the hands of miscreants like this. If, it were accidental, its an entirely different matter – here we have a case of grevious bodily harm with the individual being very free to walk around and inflcit more harm on another victim. Personally I think we could do more with the people in our worlds to enlighten them on what their options are under the law.

    + guess some care needs to be taken with associating with people too. Obviously an act as dastardly as this cannot be second guessed, but knowing she was breaking up with the guy some extra protective measures should have been in place – like not allowinng the guy access to the house in the first palce, or having someone else around..

    I dunno… Guess I'm just MIFFED!

  2. This story is heart breaking and I really feel bad for B and her family. But, do you think it is safe for you to post this on your blog. There is a probability that G could see this and know she is alive… especially with the picture that was put up as well. And I hope you sought the consent of her family before putting this up or at least altered the names because I think her mother's main concern is her daughter's security.

  3. My pain knows no bounds and from my heart I weep for this gurl. I weep for this is beyond anything near what my words can capture and the sad thing is that this bastard still walks a free man. How can anyone be this bestial with the life of another one? why? why?

    Pardon me cuz I really can’t put my thots together right nw,..this is seriously more than I can take for or wish to happen to my worst enemy. My heart goes out to her widowed mother, as much as I agree with her stance to let sleeping dogs lie, I believe nemesis will always judge. Karma will come after this fellow and the birds of the air will prey on his skin. It is certainly not enough, not anywhere close to justify that someone jilted you for another man to inflict such eternal pain on the person.

    There is no justification under the sun to take another’s life becos clearly that was his intent stabbing this gurl severally in the head. Seriously my head really hurts typin this but I know certainly God will judge this man and he will be taken into account for this one too many callous act.

    P.S: sorry if my tots seem disorganized..

  4. Gosh, this is heart wrenching.
    If i s related to her, i would push that they pursue justice, the legal way!
    I am full of fury for her. We have rights as human beings and i think the govt. shld put that guy on lockdown, for the safety of B and others around him.

  5. I am in total shock reading this, can't believe someone could do this. Just ruined an innocent life to dust….he who threatens to kill another must also die by the sword. Very sad reading this post.

    I pray no-one l know every experience such toture, the evil that people do.

  6. this is indeed sad…n to think that the guy might get away is even more heart-wrenching…but I think BubblyBliss makes a good point there; pls look into it…cheers…

  7. yeah if you think her life would be at risk if he saw this, why post her pic? Also, her name is used, and his is G…(?)

    such a sad story :(

  8. â–ºDanny BaGucci
    When I received an email from a friend who asked me on his behalf and that of another girl to share this story, I felt horror that this happened and I felt moved to share it (as they requested). I was also outraged at the thought that the guy might not be brought to justice — it seemed so unfair!

    I think your suggestions are right on track. If people reporting such cases were guaranteed anonymity through appropriately set up channels, they might be more likely to do more. Instead fear of being turned upon might stop people from actively standing up and doing something.

    God will judge, but that does not mean that the laws of the land cannot be used too in my opinion.

    I like your third point about seeing if perhaps there are things that could be do to protect women (or even men) who are going through a breakup or have just gone through one. Something like your idea of not letting the guy in in the first place may save the life of someone else in a similar situation, the same goes to having people around around this potentially delicate time.

    And about the Niger Delta issue. I won’t pretend to be well versed in what is going on but it is really angering and frustrating to hear such things. It can make one feel so helpless.

    Thank you for your comment. It was through the request of two of the young woman’s friends who asked me to share this information that I shared it, and I removed some details but perhaps I should do more, including removing the picture. Thank you for bringing up that point because God knows that the last thing we want to do is draw G’s attention to her.

    I think many of her friends and some family feel like their hands are tied, but they also want to get the information out there so people who know her can perhaps help the family out in some way (and the pic would help them identify who she is), and people who know someone who might be in a similar situation can be vigilant and hopefully avoid such an occurrence.

    I do see the value of your comment though, and I have contacted the friends who asked me to post it regarding your particular concerns and possible edits that could be made to this post.

    Your thoughts make perfect sense. Like you, I was really shocked by this brutality and also there was a part of me that felt that this guy really deserves to pay for his crimes according to the law of the land. I know that God will judge him regardless of whether he’s ever caught or convicted, but it’s hard to feel comfortable knowing that a man like this could do the same if another woman were to leave him, especially if he got away with it the first time.

    What we can do is pray for her family and if we have loved ones in similar or potentially similar situations, we can keep our eyes open for opportunities to help.

    Take care of you.

    I know what you mean about feeling fury/anger on her behalf. That is how I felt when I read this. Let’s hope that justice on earth is served as it will be in heaven.

    Thanks for your comment. Please see my above comment to BubblyBliss. I have decided to edit the post to remove more identifying aspects (though I had done some of that to begin with).

    I was in shock too when I received my friend’s email and the request that I share it on my blog could not be refused. My hope is that it’ll cause people to be more alert to situations that they or their friends are going through, and hopefully justice can be served.

    Amen to your prayer. No one should have to experience this cruelty.

    Thank you for your comment. As I said to BubblyBliss, the only reason the pic was posted was on the off chance that if someone who knows the family but was unaware of what had happened reads this, they might be able to help the family out (the pic would identify her without any doubt, as would the part of her name that was on the post). After reading BubblyBliss’s comment, I contacted the friend who had sent me the information to begin with to see what we could do to ensure that the information in this post would not endanger the family.

    Since putting her in danger is definitely not my intention, I have removed her picture and edited out the part of her name that was previously posted. I appreciate your concern and I’d rather err on the side of caution than invite any more bad things upon the family.

  9. Sad story -one amongst many if i'm correct.

    Offenders ought to be given the maximum punishment-i mean who smashes and stabs someone on the head? And leaves the person for dead…..SMH

  10. i am so tired of the atrocities that goes on in that country…even if they seek justice G may still get away.In naija it is who you know…if you dont know anyone then your case is forgotten and in the case of G if he knows people in high places they will secure his freedom..

    I was just reading this barbaric act and till date nothing has been done about it! Danny B i think that's why at the end of the day we say "God will judge"…who else can we turn to when the government of the country wont do anything, when the justice system doesn't exist and when it does, it's as corrupt as anything, when policemen kill those they are to protect! Look at the case of Uzoma Okeke( i think that's her name) who was beaten by a naval officer's (Arogundade) orderlies , the only reason we heard about it and something was done was because her dad was a high ranking military officer..if not…. nothing would have happened! God help us in that is sad! There is no respect for human life…my soul is troubled right now!!!

  11. God will judge what? Oh please! I wish the mother was more enlightened or that her siblings/sister abroad decided to not let the matter rest. How can such a criminal go unpunished??

    I'm so annoyed right now…gosh, what is this???

  12. I am soooo shocked!!

    How can this be left unpunished????

    It is true that Karma will take care of this but he is a threat to societies and other women!!!!

  13. This is such a sad story. I am pissed off by the fact that the man is still free. The thing is, even if the system worked, there is little one can do to prosecute a man for a crime if the eye witness refuses to come forward. Unfortunately I don't know that the Nigerian police can offer witness protection so sad as it is, I understand where the mother of the girl is coming from.

  14. Like B's mumm said, God will surely judge..I have heard a similar story and the guy absconded abroad.. The lady is happily married today (for God does not forget nor forsake His own) but I think it's high time Nigeria enacted a law to protect people from domestic violence… It's really really sad and what makes it even worse is when the person seems to get away with it… I pray sincerly that she would have her life back and God would compensate her for every single loss.. Amen

  15. Outrageous!

    1. An adequate legal system is one's best bet at having justice served. Here in the States, homeboy would have been arrested immediately and faced public humiliation via the media even if the family eventually drops the charges. In Naija we lack this.

    2. If it was my bro or sis and i had the financial means, I would pursue justice despite my parent(s) feelings.

    3. There really is no way to prevent something like this. Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to see obvious psychos, but most times, perpetrators look like the guy/girl next door and there's no way to predict their madness.

  16. I'm numb; are there really human beings this evil? I mean, I can almost understand people robbing and killing for money, but this? My browser is probably slow or something, it refused to load B's pic; still i feel for her.

  17. I dont think the family has a right to drop charges… this is not an assault case… it is an attempted murder…. Its the state versus G. The police should find and prosecute him irrespective of what the family is saying…..

    Is the case under investigation? What is the police doing… this is not a human rights case… its a crime full stop.

  18. My thoughts are if you do the crime you so definately have to do time! As long as he breathes he needs to be punished.

  19. 1. do not put your addy on face book and accept your expelled xBF as a friend.

    2. when you meet your X or friend who you havent seen in ages, do not immediately give him or her you work or house addy.

    Cant the police just arrest the cray guy and charge him themselves?

  20. is this a true story? And i cld not see the picture.

    Well if it was over here in the western world- the family dropping the charges wld not affect the the police picking him up. It's bloody attempted murder and GBH and kidnapping and theft etc…..

  21. This is madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever happened to the police and investigation

    If it were me,i would seriously consider taking up the case in court, becuase this man wanted her dead and he can do it again but this time make sure she's gone

    As to what we can do to stop it, we can go home and advocate for the prosecution of violence against women.

  22. Oh boy… prayers and thot goes out to her and her family. This is a mouthful, I wish the culprit would be apprehended. In cases like this, it should be taken out of the family's hand with or without their permission.

    I have heard a similar story while growing up of a guy (me think if same Unical), that used hot iron on the girlfriend cos she decided to break up.

  23. â–ºblogoratti
    It really is a sad story, and I’m sure there are others like it around, known only perhaps to the family and friends of the victim. It’s too brutal a situation to even consider.

    I agree with offenders being punished for the crime — I mean why should such a criminal get away with it here on earth?

    Thanks for your comment.

    Hmm, you bring up some good points regarding how if you don’t have money or influence, even if you’re seeking justice, you may never get it.

    Respect for all human life is necessary if nations are to ensure that justice prevails in situations such as this.

    Maybe they will be able to talk further with B’s mother and convince her to allow them to press charges. God can still judge him after he has been held to the laws of Nigeria.

    It is shocking, and I fully agree that he is a threat to others and if putting him away because of the victim in this post wasn’t enough, the fact that he could behave similarly with another woman (especially since he wasn’t caught!) is too horrifying to consider.

    You’re right about witnesses needing to come forward. I need to talk to the person who sent me this story, and see what is being done to convince the family to pursue the case.

    Yeah, I don’t think witness protection services is something the Nigerian police provides at this time (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).

  24. What! I am dumbfounded. I will surely pursue justice. This is not an issue to let go. Not at all.

    We cant be too careful in our lives but we need legal system that works, that will make men and women know that if you violate the right of others, there will be serious consequences.

    My God this is sad.

  25. Obviously sick guy. You know what? I am almost certain she must have had some knowledge of his violent streak but never thought he'd go this far. So many women need to learn some lessons from this. Justice just HAS to catch up with him before he actually kills someone.

  26. @ PoeticallyTinted: I kind of thought abt this on my way home today. I was like could she have noticed this madness in this guy and still coped with him?

    And like you said, it's important we think about our safety first instead of keeping to a person with violence streak

  27. â–º1 + The One

    I'm happy that the lady that you know was able to marry and is happy but we know that in this particular case, B may have a very difficult time to find a husband if her brain has been affected by the brutality done on her.

    I agree that the prevention of domestic violence needs to become a priority (or at least be on the agendas) of those making laws and enforcing them.

    I add my Amens to your prayer. May God provide full and complete healing to her.


    Good word to describe this, for sure.

    1. I agree.

    2. I would do so too. God will still judge him, but he should be held to the laws of the land.

    3. Sadly, this is true. It's not until you cross some that you see their true colours. However, there are women who date or marry a man despite the fact that he has shown he is physically abusive. In those cases at least, it would be easy for a friend to speak her mind and help her see reason.

    It's not easy though!


    Sadly the world is full of people with little regard for human life.

    Sorry: I removed the picture because I wanted to hear back from the people who asked me the post before continuing to share the picture.


    Let me try and get an update on the situation for you. It makes sense to me that the state would be able to prosecute him without the family's permission.


    I agree. Until they have tried everything and it fails, only then should they comfort themselves with the thought that God is the ultimate Judge.


    Those are good safety/security tips. Sadly there are a lot of freaks out there…even if there was only one or two, that's more than enough!

  28. hm, i didnt realize that psychomaniac-ism has also gotten as far as Nigeria. If this was to be in the US, we'd say ok. But in Nigeria? where justice will never be appropriately meted out?

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