Happy 2019 to us!

Happy New Year! 2019 will be our best year yet in Jesus’ name (Amen!).

2019 is off to a great start for me because Sayo and I rang in the new year together! In fact, Sayo has been here for two months—I know!! My prayer and wish that he would arrive in time for Christmas were answered!

Since Sayo’s arrival, we’ve been adjusting to married life, making a single woman’s house into a home for two, and in the process, learning lots about each other. I’m not as prepared for married life as I thought I was!

Long overdue thankful post

After my last post, I was planning to resume sharing thankful posts in November. That didn’t happen, so let me catch you up on the top thankful items for the past few months.

  1. Just like that, our one year church wedding anniversary is behind us! Parts of the day are hard to remember already—thank God for photographs!—but I thank God for keeping us separately so that we could reunite and dream of celebrating our second anniversary together!

  2. God enlarged our family once again: my sister and brother-in-law are parents to their third child, a sweet baby boy! I thank God for the little guy’s safe arrival and for protecting my sister through the pregnancy. On the three occasions that she’s experienced pregnancy, I’ve been in awe of how well she gets through it physically. Motherhood is beautiful, and I have such respect for what women do to bring a healthy life into this world.

  3. My 13-year anniversary with my current employer was in the middle of November and I’m currently transitioning to a new role with the organization. I’ve made a request regarding my new title that I hope will be granted—pray for me! I’m thankful for employment that has, over the years, provided me with the means to have a comfortable life.

  4. I’m also thankful that after over nine years of being a homeowner, I finally hired someone to paint our house! It was painful financially, but it would never have been done otherwise!

  5. It was a real treat to have my entire family together at my parents’ place for Christmas; it’s something that I don’t take for granted.

  6. I thank God for sparing my dad and I in a car accident at the end of January. As we were going through this experience, my dad’s observations really made me think. For one, we make plans but we don’t know what the outcome will be—God knew we weren’t going to make it to the prayer meeting we wanted to attend. The biggest prayer that we could have prayed was answered (protection and preservation for everyone involved in the accident). We were about five minutes away from my parents’ house when the accident happened, reminding us what a gift it is to go out every day and come back safely.

  7. Sometimes I look at Sayo and I can’t believe he’s here! I’ve laughed a lot because of him—I’ve also lost my temper because of him so, you know (insert shrugging emoji). The way he shares anecdotes makes me laugh; his impressions of how people here behave is refreshing. He’s fixed things around the house that I didn’t even know were broken; he’s so helpful—oh, he has enriched my life!

  8. Finally, I give God thanks for granting health and protection to my family, including my immediate family, extended family, and in-laws. This sounds like lip service until I think of people who have lost a family member already this year—so sad! May God continue to keep us all in Jesus’ name: Amen!

I wish you a wonderful 2019 but tell me: what are you thankful for so far?

42 thoughts on “Happy 2019 to us!

  1. I love seeing you so happy! It’s wonderful to see Sayo finally in Canada, too. How is he loving the snow?
    Oh- and your boots…super cute!!! :)


    • Thank you, Melly: your comment made me smile and miss you; thank you for being happy for me!

      Sayo’s loving the snow, much to my chagrin! Lol I don’t know why I’m disappointed by how well he’s adapting to the weather. He finally admitted it was cold here when the weather was almost -30 °C!

      Two stores that cater to plus sizes here also have boots for women blessed with hefty calves! It was been a life-changer for my shoe situation!

    • Thank you so much, Allison! You’re a special part of our story so I’m glad that you got to meet Sayo. You were so cute, trying to get to know him!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary and on your husband coming to Canada. May God continue to bless your home.
    I’m grateful for my family.

  3. Happy new year Jummy! Congratulations on your anniversary and your husband joining you on Canada! Thank God for safe delivery and his protection.

    I’m thankful for my family!

    • I thank God along with you for your family, Habiba.

      Happy New Year to you too and thank you for the good wishes and prayers!

  4. Jummy is back!!!! Happy new year and Sayo, welcome to Canada. Wow thank God re the accident; that’s scary. As cliche as it sounds I am thankful for life.

    • Amen: by God’s grace I’m back, Neuyogi! And yes I give God all the glory and thanks for protection. I hope you and your sweet family are doing well!

  5. Wow! I was just thinking about your blog and I have been checking periodically. Congratulations on your hubby joing you, that is awesome!!!!

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary and Sayo’s arrival Jummy! Thank God for His protection and preservation over your family! I also thank God for life, blessings and my family.

    • Amen and Amen, Lpeach1: thank you for this. And I join you in thanking God for life, blessings and your family. Your 2019 is bright, my dear!

  7. Yay! Jummy is back! And with the best news too. Congrats on all the wonderful blessings you are thankful for. God is awesome! I love how intentional you are about being thankful for every detail.
    May the blessings and your joy continue to overflow and a very big welcome to Sayo!
    I am thankful that you are back and for the gift of life, family and God’s love!
    Happy new year!

    • God bless you for that comment, DamiO: thank you! Amen and Amen and Amen!

      I join God in thanking Him for your life, family and His love!

      Happy New Year to you: may your 2019 be the best year yet!

  8. Happy belated 2019!! I’m so glad to hear that your husband is now in Canada and congratulations to your sister and her husband on their third! What am *I* thankful for? Our son and our surrogate, for one. Our surrogate had a difficult pregnancy with some complications towards the end. Our son was born five weeks early, but was very healthy and a “whopping” 6 lb, 3 oz (I know that doesn’t sound big, but he was only 35 weeks). He still had to be in the hospital for 11 days just so he could learn to eat. He’s now healthy and growing well. He just had his 100 Days celebration (this is common in many East Asian cultures. It’s also known as the red egg and ginger celebration. Some families even shave the kid’s head. We did not. Kids’ scalps are so sensitive, after all!) in a fairly non-traditional way (no multicourse Chinese banquet (Adam and I don’t like shellfish much) and no hard boiled red ginger eggs (opted for egg shaped gingerbread cookies. Butchering culture? Meh. More like giving it a twist). We are also thankful for the advancement of science – without that we would not have been able to achieve a family. Adoption is just so complicated now, with so many restrictions (especially internationally) due to health, age or whatever other reason countries’ governments come up with.

    • Happy New Year, Cynthia! Your little guy (and the miracle of science that allowed him to come into your lives nice and healthy) is definitely something to be thankful for! I hope you enjoy motherhood and raise a lovely guy!

  9. So happy to hear that you and Sayo are finally reunited. I’m sure I speak for the girls when I say we can’t wait to meet him! I hope this year is full of many blessings for you and Sayo. I hope one of those blessings is a bunch of little tiny feet to tickle!

    Happy to hear that you’re safe and your dad is safe as well after your car accident. These things happen so quickly. It really makes you think about what you have and how lucky you are to have these things.

    • Hugs, Rachel! Thank you for your willingness to help Sayo get settled too; I appreciate that. And I hope you get to meet him soon!

      I’m definitely looking forward to sharing news of a cutie pie this year!

  10. I have been refreshing your blog for a while now..I am really glad to see you back.
    Yayh Sayo is with you..thats really nice. May you both continue to grow in love.
    Please dont forget us here..i know life gets in the way, but we miss u around.

    • Laide, thank you for that; I don’t take your thinking of me lightly and I plan to do better with regard to updating my blog. How can I forget you?! ♥

  11. The picture of you and Sayo made me smile. You guys look happy. I must say, Canada looks good on him.

    I’m so glad everything has worked out for you both and also thanking God for keeping your day, and family safe. Congratulations on the newborn. So many things to highlight. Lol.

    I’m happy for you Jummy. God will continue to bless you. Amen!

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