Friends goals

My goals:

  1. Let fading friendships go or prioritize them by bringing it up with the friend—stop feeling bad about the state of a friendship because it takes two to make it work (or not) Deadline: June 30, 2014
  2. Say no to activities or tasks that I really don’t want to do Deadline: Ongoing
  3. Expand my friendships to include at least two people whose lives are more similar to mine Deadline: June 30, 2014



  • I made a list of the friends I wanted to keep in better contact with and those I was content to let fade away. Conclusion: I need to focus on making new friends.
  • I made a new blog friend near the end of the month, not even on purpose! When I first started exchanging emails with her I thought she had a similar life to mine but she’s actually a new mom and she’s married. But she’s lovely, so no regrets there! Looking forward to cultivating that long-distance friendship.


  • I contacted a friend early in the month to chat about our friendship. The response I received gave me clarity about how to approach things: for now I’ll give less priority to the friendship. Timing is very important in these things.
  • I was more direct with friends this month, calling out any passive-aggressiveness or rudeness that I feel—of course if I’m mistaken I’ll be willing to apologize and sort things out.

4 thoughts on “Friends goals

  1. Hmmmmmmmm *threatening look* I better not be one of the “let it fade away ones”!!!
    Oh and asper tasks and activities to say no to, right after you mail your post for 365W!!! :P

  2. But on the real, saying NO is sooooo key or should I say learning to say no, sometimes we spread ourselves thinly by agreeing to help everybody and then we end up not helping anybody!
    so yeah…. NO is an important two letter word in 2014!

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