Finding love online – Data, A Love Story

This post talks about an unorthodox approach to finding love, which is not for everyone. I really haven’t done the methodology justice so you should probably read the book or you can ask me questions about anything that doesn’t make sense. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! If you have a sweetheart, I hope you’re planning something special for him or her (hint: special doesn’t need to be costly or time-consuming!). If you don’t have a sweetheart, show non-romantic love to someone: a sibling, a friend, the person you buy your lunch from every day. My plans for the evening are to go for a lovely dinner with a friend at one of our favourite restaurants, The Keg steakhouse. I read a book last month on the topic of finding love. The title was Data, A Love Story (author: Amy Webb), and I discovered the book last year when its author was … Continue reading

Going to Africa

It bothers me when people talk about going to Africa when they’re really going to one specific country in the continent. I also get growly when people list off the “countries” they’d like to visit one day, and include Africa in the same list as Norway or New Zealand. If someone tells me they know someone who’s been to (or is going to) Africa, I always ask “Which country?” Just touched down in Africa with @ChelseaClinton. Excited to travel for next 10 days to @ClintonFdn projects. #Africa2013 — Bill Clinton (@billclinton) July 31, 2013 People generally don’t say they’re going to Asia or Europe (for example) unless they’re actually planning to visit several countries in the continent; even then they’ll generally specify which countries they’ll be visiting. I have to admit that Asian and European countries may be better-known than African countries. Some may not know that Africa is a … Continue reading

Good Naija Girl is back!

Welcome back to Good Naija Girl! I missed you (really), and I hope you missed me too (otherwise I need to get a new hobby!). How have you been? Hope your 2013 has been swell so far! Happy Valentine’s Day too…hope you feel the love today from everyone you come across. If you’ve liked my Facebook page (and please, do!), then you’ll know that I’ve been having m-a-j-or issues with my web hosting. These issues started in June of last year when I switched from my host of six years (four years for this blog) to save some money: big mistake! First my site would go offline, with a message that the account had been suspended, then near the end of last year I lost five months of blog posts and your comments!!! Well that is behind me: I have a new reliable host and thanks to Google reader I … Continue reading

How NOT to prepare for a protest (and more about how the Occupy Nigeria protest went)

Get home from your parents’ house at almost 2:00 in the morning. Remember that you don’t have a placard. Also remember you meant to buy bristol board but didn’t. Go to the kitchen to warm up your homemade pot of turkey soup so that it doesn’t spoil. Notice that you have a shallow cardboard box. Bring your find to the living room. Cut off the sides of the box. Think about the message you want to write on your placard. Examine your Sharpie collection. Think about the message you want to write on your placard. Officially become the last person alive to discover Shirley Eniang‘s YouTube channel. Watch several videos. Think about the message you want to write on your placard. Pick a message that will fit on the placard. Plan spacing of message. Plan poorly, requiring a restart. Complete your message. Head up to bed around 4:20, but not … Continue reading

Trying to be less hard on myself

I was going to talk about the Nigerian Independence Day party that I and the other members of the local Nigerian association executive planned, but this is important. I hope anyone who can relate will join me in changing their frame of mind. I tend to be really hard on myself. I’ve been told this my entire life. For example, I have been blogging since November 2002 and since 2003 I’ve wanted to design amazing websites to house my blogs. I spent many sleepless nights reading instructions online and trying to make it work, first with a blog software called Movable Type, then over the last five years with WordPress. I shed a lot of tears (I do that when I get frustrated) and I’ve called myself all sorts of names over the years (stupid, dumb, incompetent) because I never seemed to pick up web design stuff to the level … Continue reading