On pregnancy

I first noticed it in 2008, when I went to Nigeria for the first time as an adult. There I observed that when a blogger is silent, it usually means something big is going on, and among the Nigerian bloggers who’ve gone (temporarily) silent over the years, it’s usually because they’re getting married or having a baby (or both!). This is when I started thinking about different attitudes concerning pregnancy in Nigeria and Canada. In 2008, a tenant of my grandma’s loved being photographed—she was always photobombing pictures I was taking of others, or asking for her or her children to be photographed. However, two years later when she was about halfway through her pregnancy with her third child, she hurried away whenever I brought out my camera and wouldn’t discuss anything related to her pregnancy (I remember asking her how far along she was and asking if she knew … Continue reading

School fees

talking-about-school-feesI’ve always been curious about how parents afford international student tuition for their children who study outside of Nigeria. I learned that the reason international student tuition is so high is because the government (at least in Canada) subsidizes tuition costs for citizens (and permanent residents? Not sure) while international students must pay the unsubsidized cost.

In my corner of the world, the cost for one year of college as an international student is approximately $12,000 Canadian dollars, and university is more than that, closer to $20,000 CAD per year, not including books and lodging. I can say right now that if my parents had had to pay that kind of money for my schooling and that of my siblings, we would not have received an international education and maybe I’d already be an entrepreneur by now, having had to hustle! As it happened my sister and I were able Continue reading

Two tips for managing long-distance collaborations

I worked with a few sponsors for the 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards, and before that, I collaborated on small, related elements of past Awards. All of this was done long-distance. What I learned is long-distance collaborations, like long-distance relationships, are not ideal. I will never forget the potential sponsor who had me jumping through hoops for two months last year, working my butt off on different proposals and ideas, only to cancel the agreement when I contacted them after a week of silence and no response to two of my emails. The worst part to me was the feeling that if I hadn’t contacted them, they wouldn’t have contacted me to tell me that the deal was a no-go—which is unprofessional in my books. That experience and another one in particular have taught me so much about how I’ll handle such opportunities this year. Here are two challenges of long-distance … Continue reading

What is blogging?

What is bloggingWhen you manage to have a weekend that is relaxing and productive, it’s the very best feeling. I feel so rested and I got more sleep this weekend than I have in a while. I caught up on Scandal and The Mentalist, two of the three TV shows I’m trying to watch regularly (the third is Grey’s Anatomy), and I feel productive because I made some good progress on decluttering my house for Operation I’m Hosting a Christmas Party in Three Weeks Oh My Goodness!!! Continue reading

Winners of the four Hellofood vouchers

As promised in my post about eating in Nigeria, the winners of the four Hellofood vouchers have been selected using a random number generator—this was actually an easy process given that there were five eligible entries! All winners will be emailed to find out if they’d like to claim their prize for themselves or for a friend or family member in Nigeria. The winners (in the order the generator announced them) are: Tomi Berry Dakara Dailyschoolnews Nigeria Worship and Swag Congratulations to all and I hope that any of you who find yourselves looking for a service for food delivery in Lagos or Abuja will try Hellofood!