Thankful: October 2019

Jummy of Good Naija Girl in a black and white shirt and pink capri pants, posing outside, in front of a forest.

I’m writing this blog post in November and I’m currently full of thanks for God’s protection of me. Life is fragile, but it’s a good thing that we aren’t constantly thinking of that, otherwise we would be very anxious humans! Instead, once a in while, we’re reminded of our fragility and that we should be thankful as a result—God, I thank You.

The big-little city that I live in finally got a subways system that went live in early October. I know this is a huge accomplishment for a city and I was excited until

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Thankful: September 2019

Jummy of Good Naija Girl twirling in a black dress

We’ve reached the last day of September and that’s when I like to reflect on what I’m thankful to God for over the past month.

My brother-in-law celebrated his birthday and I thank God for protecting him and his family (aka my sister and the nephews and niece who I’m obsessed with!) since he’s been in Canada. My bro-in-law appears to have adjusted well to Canada and to the pace of life, which is good, since not everyone has an easy time adjusting to living in a new country.

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Thankful: August 2019

It’s been a while since I shared my thankful posts and a few kind readers mentioned that they enjoyed them. I enjoy them too but it’s easy to fall out of a habit, even one that you enjoy. I have much to thank God for, so let’s get started!

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Hello, 40!

What a blessing, what an honour to turn 40. Forty years old! It’s a big number yet not even middle age (by God’s grace!). Even harder than believing that I’ve been on this earth for 40 years is believing that my parents have a 40-year-old—imagine! I feel much more like a child than my parents were at 40; maybe because they had four children by my age!

I thank God for keeping and sustaining me (and my family) for all these years. I thank Him for who I am, flaws and all, and who I’m becoming. Speaking of…

I had a picture of who I wanted to be by 40: someone who knows what she wants and lives in a way that’s congruent with those things (for example, wanting to be a full-time entrepreneur means working on my business every day, period, and for me, it means waking up earlier because evenings don’t work as well as they used to). I want to be the friend who brings out the best in others (I was better at this when I was younger) and I want to surround myself with friends who do the same for me. I want to be positive and not let fears, anxious thoughts, and a negative mindset hold me back. 

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Making peace with the body I have

Jummy and Sayo in a swimming pool.

Text from Ves: You guys coming over for a swim today? We can bbq.
Me (to nobody): *Excited squeal*
Also me: Mentally cancels previous plans to run errands and organize my closet. Sends Sayo a text to say (all casual-like) “Oh Ves just asked if we wanted to come for bbq and a swim” along with the guilty face emoji (because the night before I told him about my plans to stay home and get things done!).
Sayo: Yeah, we can go if u like.
Me (to Ves): Yes please! So excited; going to look for my swimsuit now.

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Happy 2019 to us!

happy new year from good naija girl jummy and sayo smiling in the snow

2019 is off to a great start for me because Sayo and I rang in the new year together! In fact, Sayo has been here for two months—I know!! My prayer and wish that he would arrive in time for Christmas were answered!

Since Sayo’s arrival, we’ve been adjusting to married life, making a single woman’s house into a home for two, and in the process, learning lots about each other. I’m not as prepared for married life as I thought I was!

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