Hello! I’m Jummy, also known as Good Naija Girl (or GNG). I’m Nigerian by parentage, Canadian by citizenship, and American by birth (in order of how I see myself). This blog allows me to explore the different aspects of my identity that have been battling each other for years: my Canadian friends think I’m Canadian, my Nigerian friends think I’m Canadian, and I want to be the perfect mix of both!

What is a Good Naija Girl?

Well, Naija is slang for Nigerian, so that’s the first thing you should know. Needless to say, the moniker is very much tongue-in-cheek: I try to be good but I’m bossy, picky, and a huge procrastinator…it’s best to say I’m a huge work in progress!

More about me

I love the internet and cannot imagine my life without it. I love blogging (I’ve been doing it since November 2002!) and I have strong ideas about what is good blogging and what is not. I’m passionate about the community of Nigerian bloggers, which is why I run the Nigerian Blog Awards. If you are a Nigerian blogger (or a non-Nigerian who blogs about Nigeria) and you update your blog at least once every three months, get your blog listed!

I’m an inspiration junkie: I’m forever reading stories online and in magazines that fire me up, but I’m still working on successfully directing that fire in the right direction.

How to reach me

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